Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nursing school survival guide presentation: tips for success in nursing school and critical thinking

Hello! I started this blog as a complement to to help other nursing students with resources and information that helped me or that i wish i had. Nursing school is different from a lot of other disciplines and a lot is expected of you.If you fail a course by half a point you are in trouble so its very important to do well above the passing grade on every course to be on the safe side.

The first thing therefore is to strategize about how you will use your time, how you will study and what you need to know to succeed. I will post 2 things here ; a video presentation for survival strategies in nursing school and another for critical thinking which is very important in nursing school and Nclex. Watch all the nursing videos and for more resources for nursing students check

Nursing school survival guide presentation

To view the table of contents in the nursing school survival guide presentation,please click on the icon between the volume icon and the full screen icon.(it looks like a little list).It will help you focus on any part of the presentation that interests you.

Critical Thinking Videos (Professionally taught classes)

Please take a moment to go through this critical thinking classes. They ar very well done and i will be viewing them too. Click on the links to view them and you will need real media player to watch them

1. The Basics of Critical Thinking (Matt Baker and Rick Rudd)
Part 1 (24 min.) Part 2 (27 min.)

2. Experiencing Critical Thinking (Matt Baker and Rick Rudd)
Part 1 (19 min.)Part 2 (18 min.)Part 3 (19 min.)Part 4 (18 min.)Part 5 (15 min.)

3. Teaching for Critical Thinking (Rick Rudd)
Part 1 (21 min.)Part 2 (29 min.)Part 3 (32 min.)

4. The Affective Components of Critical Thinking(Rick Rudd )
Part 1 (20 min.)Part 2 (18 min.)Part 3 (19 min.)Part 4 (21 min.)Part 5 (18 min.)

5. The Components of Critical Thinking (Rick Rudd and Maria Gallo-Meagher)
Interpretation (4 min.) Analysis (4 min.)Evaluation (5 min.)Inference (4 min.)Explanation (3 min.)Self-regulation (4 min.)

6. Essentials of Critical Thinking (Rick Rudd)
Critical Thinking Defined (23 minutes)
Thinking For Yourself (39 minutes)
Thinking Errors (16 minutes)

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