Thursday, January 15, 2009

Links to fundamentals of nursing audio lectures

These are links to very detailed audio summaries in fundamentals of nursing from fa davis.

Unit 1: How Nurses Think

1. Evolution of Nursing Thought & Action
2. Critical Thinking & the Nursing Process
3. Nursing Process: Assessment
4. Nursing Process: Diagnosis
5. Nursing Process: Planning Outcomes
6. Nursing Process: Planning Interventions
7. Nursing Process: Implementation & Evaluation
8. Nursing Theory & Research

Unit 2: Factors Affecting Health

9. Growth and Development Through the Life Span
10. Experiencing Health & Illness
11. IllnessPsychosocial Health & Illness
12. The Family
13. Culture & Ethnicity
14. Spirituality
15. Loss, Grief, & Dying

Unit 3: Essential Nursing Interventions

16. Documenting & Reporting
17. Measuring Vital Signs
18. Communicating & the Therapeutic Relationship
19. Health Assessment: Performing a Physical Examination
20. Promoting Asepsis & Preventing Infection
21. Promoting Safety
22. Facilitating Hygiene
23. Administering Medications
24. Teaching Clients

Unit 4: How Nurses Support Physiological Functioning

25. Stress & Adaptation
26. Nutrition
27. Urinary Elimination
28. Bowel Elimination
29. Sensory Perception
30. Pain Management
31. Activity & Exercise
32. Sexual Health
33. Sleep & Rest
34. Skin Integrity & Wound Healing
35. Oxygenation
36. Fluids, Electrolytes, & Acid-Base Balance
37. Perioperative Nursing

Unit 5: Nursing Functions

38. Leading & Managing
39. Nursing Informatics
40. Holistic Healing
41. Promoting Health

Unit 6: The Context for Nurses' Work

42. Community Nursing
43. Nursing in Home Care
44. Ethics & Values
45. Legal Issues


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